Tip Top Poultry rolls out new Employee Relations Program

In 2016, Tip Top Poultry rolled out an extensive employee relations program known as “Tip Top Ambassadors”. The purpose of this program is to further instill a culture of caring and support where Tip Top’s core values are recognized and enhanced through the ambassadors. These ambassadors must meet the highest standards of our core values and work ethic at Tip Top and must be recommended by management for this honor. New employees are encouraged to seek out these Ambassadors to help provide company and community resources, give direction or advice, and discuss on-the-job and real-life challenges. As a participant in this program they are invited to quarterly luncheons to share experiences and success stories in your role.

Currently, the Ambassadors have met often through the past 3 months, along with members of the management and executive teams, as well as partners.  They have also been provided some training opportunities, including a Suicide Prevention program and the introduction to a new series on Wisdom for Living.

Tip Top is proud of this program and looks forward to adding more Ambassadors to the team in the coming months.