When Bad Things Happen

Written by the Tip Top Cares Team

On the evening of April 27th the world suddenly changed for many people in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. That is when one of the largest outbreak of tornadoes recorded in over a century hit that area. Homes were destroyed, business wiped out, families torn apart, and over one hundred people were killed. This is tragedy of the first order.

On Thursday, May 5, Tip Top received a desperate call from Jay McAnnally, the chaplain of Carl Black Automotive. People were in crisis and needed food, drinks and something to keep food cold so it wouldn’t spoil. His comment was, we didn’t know who to call for food, but we knew that everybody loves chicken so we called Tip Top Poultry, because Tip Top has the chicken, but more importantly the “heart” to be a good neighbor and help out in a time of need.

That is all it took. Tip Top moved quickly to get a refrigerated trailer and fill it with chicken and ice. The trailer swung by a leadership conference that Tip Top was co-sponsoring and picked up many cases of drinks that attendees donated. From there our driver took the goods to Higdon Alabama and parked the trailer at the Higdon Baptist Church so that local ministers and their congregations could distribute the food.

Kim Smith, wife of one of the pastors said “We appreciate the chicken, drinks and the refrigerated trailer from Tip Top so much. The Salvation Army had a mobile kitchen to cook the chicken and a local American Legion also cooked and distributed the food to the needy. People came from everywhere to get some food. Tip Top Poultry and Carl Black Automotive were the only outside companies to respond to our forgotten area in the north Alabama mountains and we will never forget your generosity.”

We are telling you this story because all Tip Top employees can take some pride in being a part of this effort. We have included some of the pictures of our employees who loaded the truck, and hauled it to those in need. They represent our entire Tip Top family. We also included the picture of the gift of one employee, who wanted to make a donation of a roll of quarters and a $5.00 bill to the cause and there were others who said that they would be glad to take a vacation day to come and help where needed. What wonderful employees we have – this truly is the best place to work, when we are surrounded with such loving, caring employees.