Tip Top Poultry Sponsors Local Artist

Marietta, GA - North America’s leader of high-quality chicken broth, rendered chicken fat and poultry products for food manufacturers, Tip Top Poultry, Inc., has joined with community businesses in its hometown of Marietta, Georgia, to sponsor local artists and raise money for local charities. Promoted by community leaders and the city of Marietta, “Lil Chickens of Marietta” is an art exhibit where 5-foot tall chickens are designed and created by local artists and placed around the historic town for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

Local artist and long-time friend to the family of Tip Top, Laura Kirkland, created “Lil Chic-a-ccino” to display along with other “Lil Chickens” at the historic square of Marietta during the late summer months of 2008. After the display period, an auction will be held and the proceeds for the sale of “Lil Chic-a-ccino” will benefit MUST Ministries. MUST Ministries is a local faith-based organization which helps individuals and families in times of crisis.