Tip Top Creates Employee Development Team

Marietta, GA – Family owned and operated Tip Top Poultry, Inc., extended its commitment to its team members who have allowed the business to successfully operate for over 60 years by creating the Employee Development Team.

The team was established to fulfill the enduring vision of the late A.L. Burruss who said, “God put us here to do more than just pluck chickens!”

“I am pleased to announce the latest version of our lifelong commitment to our people,” said company president Robin Burruss. “In the past we have had part time people working as company chaplains, but I am very pleased to announce we have hired 2 new people that will work strictly for Tip Top to assist our people. They will help each of our many employees be more successful in all areas of life: physical, mental, and spiritual. They are here to serve the needs of our people and to help each of us develop in every area of our lives.”

The team will be led by Lynn Ward, Employee Development Manager. Prior to joining Tip Top Poultry in her new position, Lynn worked part time with Marketplace Ministries serving in several local businesses and part time in various roles at Tip Top Poultry.

A.L. Burruss served his community through elected public office and business in addition to personal commitments. During his 22-year career in public service in Georgia, he gave special attention to the communities of Northwest Georgia. A.L. Burruss’ career in the Georgia General Assembly was devoted to providing a better standard of living for all Georgia citizens. His dedication to the state of Georgia and its citizens is now carried on through the A.L. Burruss Institute of Public Service at Kennesaw State University. (Credit: A.L. Burruss Institute of Public Service & Research at Kennesaw State University)