Sicilian Style Braised Chicken


• 5 pounds Tip Top Dark and White Meat
• 2 cans crushed canned tomato
• 1 ounce sliced fresh garlic
• 2 cups red cooking wine
• 1 pound sliced assorted mushrooms
• 3 cups canned artichoke hearts (liquid drained)
• 2 ounces Evoo or favorite type of oil
• Salt and pepper, to taste
• 1 cup chopped basil
• ½ cup chopped oregano
• 16 ounces chicken stock


1. Into a sauce kettle add oil and heat pan over heat for 30 seconds
2. Add in garlic, mushrooms and artichoke and cook while stirring about 5 minutes
3. Add in cooked Tip Top Chicken
4. Add in red wine and reduce by half
5. Reduce the heat and add in stock, crushed tomato and stir over simmer cooking 45 minutes
6. Season with salt and pepper and then add in fresh herbs and simmer another 10 minutes, stirring well.