Mimi’s Famous Chicken and Dumplings

•1 baked hen, pulled
•Approximatley 4 cups chicken broth – best when most of that broth is rendered from the stewing of the hen
•Approximately 2 cups all-purpose flour
•The remaining baking powder that is left of the prongs of a fork after it has been dipped in the box
•Approximately 1/2 teaspoon salt
•Small can of evaporated milk

Stir together flour, baking powder, salt. Add enough cold water from the faucet to make a dry dough.
Roll out the dough onto a heavily floured surface. Slice dough into strips of desired width (approx 1 1/2″ strips).

Bring broth to a gentle boil.

Pinch off pieces of dough like picking rose petals and gently drop into broth. Lift dumplings frequently so they don’t stick together, but do it gently so they don’t tear. Cook them for about 15 minutes. Add a little bit of canned evaporated milk, cook until thickened, season to taste.

Add pieces of pulled chicken and serve when thoroughly heated.