Product quality at Tip Top Poultry comes first and is validated by the high level of customer satisfaction and our sales growth. We are committed to being a premier supplier of USDA Inspected raw and cooked poultry products for retail sales, foodservice distributors, and industrial food processors.

We provide products processed following rigid quality controls and operational procedures. This is accomplished as we passionately give ourselves to meeting our customer’s needs and expectations and produce only the finest quality products available in the marketplace.

Our quality commitment includes:
  • Customer involvement
  • Strict adherence to our customer’s specifications
  • Passionate support from our Management team
  • Continuous employee training
  • Strict adherence to USDA Regulations
  • Satisfying all HACCP requirements
  • Frequent audits by nationally known, independent audit firms
  • Ongoing review and improvement of all quality programs

In conjunction with product quality, Tip Top provides product development and technical support to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our on-site microbiological and chemistry lab is responsive and effective in evaluating and analyzing both new and current products.

Timely and accurate scientific information is critical in today’s food processing environment. Tip Top’s further processing plant in Rockmart is equipped with a new lab facility capable of reporting essential analytical and microbiological information as required to meet food safety needs and customer specifications. The Marietta facility has a satellite lab which also conducts routine process monitoring.

Correlation of testing procedures is conducted regularly, with check samples submitted to recognized, independent laboratories to verify the accuracy of our in-house test results. We also work closely with faculty at the University of Georgia on food safety issues.

To validate the ongoing effectiveness of our Food Safety program, Tip Top’s facilities are audited annually by our customers and nationally recognized, independent auditing firms. Successful audits reinforce customer confidence and are an integral part in maintaining strong, ongoing business relationships.

In previous years, AIB has conducted facility audits with overall ratings of “Superior” regularly achieved. In addition to successful customer and independent audits, Tip Top Poultry, Inc. has received numerous VIP Supplier awards for providing premier customer service and quality.

Tip Top Poultry provides:
  • HACCP compliant facilities
  • Variety of pack sizes
  • ‘Superior’ AIB audit
  • NFPA audit participation
  • Approved for Far-East and other export destinations
  • Management expertise providing quality, service and technical/research support
  • Multiple protein concentration levels for broth
  • Various by-products available in both frozen and shelf-stable forms
  • Pre-shipment samples available upon request
  • Inside lab testing (outside upon request)
  • Certificate of Analysis upon request