Corporate Responsibility

To Our Stakeholders:

Since Al Burruss and Chet Austin purchased our business in 1954, we have known that “we are here to do more than just pluck chickens.” There are many more stakeholders in Tip Top than just our owners; customers, employees, suppliers, neighbors, and community members. The daily operations of our business impact them all differently, and we seek to respond to all their needs consistently and honestly.

We recognize the responsibility to be a good caretaker of all that God entrusts to us. In our quest to honor God, we strive to treat all current and future stakeholders as we want to be treated. Therefore, we work diligently to humanely and sustainably manage our poultry, land, and environment so that our stakeholders’ and our own children and grandchildren can enjoy the same provisions God grants to us.

In addition, we strive to be generous with the provisions given to us in a quiet sort of way. Certainly we like to help local charitable organizations financially, but the most influence Tip Top has is seen in the efforts of our employees.

Whether it be coaching a Saturday morning little league baseball team, leading a cancer fundraising effort, or teaching a Sunday school class at the local church, our “Tip Top Family” is comprised of hundreds of people with generous hearts who care about their communities.

Better than any forced program could be, our “Tip Top Family” lives out our corporate responsibility to be a good citizen in the communities where we operate. Tip Top Poultry has supported and will continue to support those efforts.

We know that our stakeholders depend on us to be good caretakers of that which we have been given. This knowledge serves as a constant reminder that our decisions make an impact. Our goal is to continually improve that impact for all of our stakeholders.


Brad Respess
President and CEO
Tip Top Poultry, Inc.