Core Values

Tip Top Poultry, Inc. desires to honor God in how we run our business, serve our customers, treat our employees, and relate to our vendors. Simply put, “…do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”

Core Values:


We believe that quality begins with the intrinsic desire of the individuals at Tip Top to operate our food business with excellence. Quality is fully achieved by a team of people who realize and embrace the fact that they work for God, not for men. Our reputation for quality has been a key ingredient to our success: quality of our products; quality of our people; quality of our presence in local communities. Tip Top quality must be seen inside every box we produce, in every interaction with other people and businesses, and in every hour we operate our facilities.


The heart of service at Tip Top Poultry is about giving, not getting. To us, service means the giving of ourselves to meet the needs of others. We believe that kind of service must start at the top. Leaders at Tip Top put aside their own ambitions to serve their team members. Therefore, we empower our staff to deliver excellent service to meet the needs of our customers. We place high value on working with customers to learn their true needs for product attributes, delivery schedules, technology, and documentation. Then, we invest the time and effort to implement the systems required to ensure that we consistently meet those needs.


Right relationships drive everything. While social media and electronic communications increase connectivity, relationships refer to a deeper trust built on common experience, integrity, and sacrifice. Relationships do not simply happen, they are cultivated over years. We value a hand shake and one’s word as the sign of an agreement. We believe a phone call or a face-to-face meeting is more effective than an e-mail. While we will continue to invest in the latest communications to improve our service, having a core value of relationships means we will always strive to personally engage with all of our stakeholders.

Operating Principles

Integrity incorporates honesty but does not end there. Operating with integrity also means we demonstrate transparency, we follow through on our commitments, and we make decisions for the long term.  We require integrity because we know it is the foundation upon which trust is built and business relationships occur.


The contribution of the team will always be greater than the contribution of the individual at Tip Top. We embrace working with others (including suppliers, our communities, customers, and our coworkers) to ensure the best possible solutions are brought to the table. The common bond of working as a team drives better results for all of our stakeholders. And when we have success, the recognition belongs to a team because individuals contribute but the team delivers the best final results.

Servant Leadership

This admonition defines Servant Leadership: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

We teach our leaders to learn the needs of others and operate selflessly to meet those needs. In contrast, leaders who are concerned primarily with their own needs, careers, and ambitions, create a dominating environment of distrust, fear, and power-grabbing. Our servant leaders are customer and others focused. They work on developing their team and developing others. They are encouraged to place a high value on service as they humbly look to the interests of others before their own interests.


In this ever increasingly complex world, eliminating unnecessary activity is critical. Tip Top works to reduce costs for itself and its customers by eliminating unnecessary tasks and wasted effort. In addition, our team constantly searches for ways through this process to improve customer interactions and customer service.


Consistency, excellence, and efficiency result from systems Tip Top creates to provide discipline to our business. We are not striving to be the biggest food company in the world, but we do want to be the best in the eyes of our customers. In order to achieve this distinction, we must operate our facilities with a strong work ethic and laser-like focus to produce great quality products and surpassing service at a competitive cost structure. Our team of professionals is committed with tenacity to continually improving our business, our production lines, our technology, and our service platforms.